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We offer home insurance, automobile insurance, car insurance, motor insurance, boat insurance, and life insurance policies.


We Have Your Best Interest at Heart 

Tammie Philips Insurance Group is the perfect independent insurance agency for you. We understand that navigating the world of insurance can be difficult. Turn to us to ensure you get the policy that best suits your needs. To request a free quote or estimate, get in touch with our home office in Cumming, Georgia or our satellite office in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Personal Insurance

Property Coverage

        • Homeowners
        • Condo
        • Flood Damage
    • Long-Term Renters
    • Short-Term Renters (Such As for Vacations)


      • Cars
      • Motorcycles
      • ATVs
    • Low-Speed Vehicles
      • Golf Carts
      • RVs
      • Classic Cars

Collectible and Umbrella Coverage

        • Gun/Firearm Insurance
        • Jewelry Insurance
        • Collectible Insurance
        • Umbrella Coverage
Learn more about insurance by continuing to browse our website. You may also reach out to us via phone or email to inquire.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is one of the first individual policies you need as an adult. Turn to independent insurance agents like us at Tammie Philips Insurance Group to find the best one for you every year. We cover:
      • Cars
      • Motorcycles
      • ATVs
    • Low-Speed Vehicles
      • Golf Carts
      • RVs
      • Classic Cars

Life Insurance

We offer life insurance for individuals and businesses.

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance

This insurance is extremely important in making sure that your family and property are secured. Get the best policy available by turning to us. As independent insurance agents, we are knowledgeable on the market and laws. This means that we can get you the best ones available at great prices!

Condo Insurance

Reach out to us to better understand your existing HOA policy and get better coverage. Your association’s policy won’t cover the interior of your property. This also includes your possessions and liability for people who get hurt inside your condominium.

Always remember: condo insurance covers you while the HOAs you pay go toward the common areas that the association covers in the policy they pay for.

Flood Damage Coverage

Flood damage isn’t normally covered in policies. No matter what state you live in, it’s important to have insurance for this. 

Renting Insurance

Get Protected

From Vacationers and Tenants

You need special coverage when you rent out your home or property. At Tammie Philips Insurance Group, we’ll explain everything and provide you with the best policy at the lowest price available.

Keep in mind that you need a different liability insurance that covers you if your property gets thrashed by a tenant or vacationer. You’ll also need coverage in case of building issues.

and Short-Term Renter’s Coverage

Your furniture, computer, clothing, and other personal items can be considered as a substantial investment. When you live in an apartment building, it can be devastating when an accident occurs. Your landlord’s insurance policy does not have you covered. Make sure your belongings are protected by getting renter’s insurance.

This policy can pay for your hotel expenses should your rental becomes inhabitable. It also covers damages you caused to a property. Moreover, a portion of the medical bills will get reimbursed if a guest gets hurt.

Business Insurance

We have a policy for businesses of all types and sizes. Get the right business insurance.

  • Liability
    • General Liability
    • Professional Liability
    • Employment Practices Liability
  • Construction/Auto
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Commercial Auto
    • Builder’s Risk
  • More Business Types
    • Property Insurance
    • Flood
    • Commercial Umbrella
    • Bonds

General Liability

This is the basic policy that most businesses are required to have in order to protect themselves from risks such as accidental non-employee bodily injury and personal property damage.

Professional Liability

Companies that provide professional services can also be held liable. We understand that omissions and errors happen — it’s part of life! This business insurance policy protects you should your advice lead your client to want to sue you. 

Employment Practices Liability

Protect yourself against lawsuits filed by employees. The importance of this risk management policy grows as your company grows.

Business Services

We are so much more than an insurance agency. Our company also strives to provide top-notch services to all of our commercial clients.

Payroll Services – PEO

Handling payroll is complex and time consuming. Allow us at Tammie Philips Insurance Group to help you out. We handle all tax-related matters, direct deposits, check printing, wage garnishments, and more. Additionally, your employees get access to a secure online payroll system and its benefits.

Human Resources

It Is Included With Payroll Services!

Always make informed decisions when it comes to your company. We give accurate responses to pressing questions, especially those involving finances! You can also depend on us to put together company handbooks and policies.

Workers’ Compensation

Often at a Discount!

With our help, you’ll be able to get lower workers’ compensation coverage without annual audits or a large down payment. 24-hour claim reporting is available and no third-party company is needed.


An Optional Program Add-On

Attract and keep top talent by offering amazing benefits package through us. We provide health insurance, dental, retirement plans, and more.

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